Pay Online


St. Luke’s families and supporters are now able to make tuition and lunch payments in a variety of methods, including online!  We are using the provider called PaySimple which works interactively with our Student Information System, GRADELINK.

All your account information is on GRADELINK.  PaySimple is the provider for an all-in-one payments platform that allows you to make payments in the way that works best for you. You can make payments online, in person or on your mobile device. Moreover, PaySimple includes tools for checking your account, setting up automatic payment, payment reminders and more.

Your account will show a balance which includes the monthly tuition and lunch charges.  Your tuition payment is always the same, but depending on the times your child eats school lunch, this monthly balance will change.  It is recommended to make the lunch and tuition payments separately.

St. Luke’s has completed all validation requirements to ensure safety of all your information.

When you login to GRADELINK you can go to the billing tab.  This allows you to include your account information.


Please call with questions or guidance in using our payment system.


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