St. Luke’s Catholic School Staff

We believe each child has the potential to become a saint!  It is our job to help them discover their unique talents and gifts. We have many exciting plans for our students!  We work hard to help each child grow and develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually!  You will find our staff to be lifelong learners, nurturing, and growing everyday in their own journey to become saints!

     Click on each staff picture for a complete teacher bio!

Mrs. Lynnette Powers

Administrator, and 1st Grade Teacher or




Mrs. Julie Neill

Preschool Teacher and Administrator

(308) 289-3221



Mrs. Julie Satterfield

4th and 5th Grade Teacher / Curriculum Director

(303) 570-1655



Mrs. Corina Kaskey

Kindergarten Teacher / Media and Fundraising Coordinator

(845) 594-1178



Ms. Catie Seibel

2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher / Parent Liaison

(308) 458-7611



Mrs. Mary Faesser

PE / Music / Para

(308) 289-2202



Deacon Dixon Powers ~Ordained a Permanent Deacon

Scripture Scholars Instructor – 4th and 5th Grade

(308) 539- 1629

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