Parental Volunteer Service

Dear Families of St. Luke’s School,

This school year, 2023-2024, we are initiating a new parental commitment to volunteer service. Typically, Catholic schools require, and are dependent upon families to provide service hours to support the success of the school. This requirement can be up to 20 hours a year.  At St. Luke’s, we have recently only asked for assistance with fundraising.  We would like to implement a new policy committing families to 5 hours a year.  Our greatest current need is supervision during noon recess.  Last year we only had 2 parents who volunteered every week.  Perhaps this job could be shared with more families.

St. Luke’s School has a small staff and limited opportunities for required breaks and planning times for our teachers. It is essential we use the time and talent of parents to assist in recess and lunch duties. We need parent volunteers! We clearly understand the demands parents face with work responsibilities, but hope it is possible to arrange needed service to St. Luke’s School.

We would like families to commit to a minimum of one week each semester. The service would require a 5-day, 1⁄2 -hour commitment from 12:00 to 12:30 to help with recess duty, (1-hour option, 11:30-12:30, to include lunch duty). A certified teacher would always be present to ensure a safe environment and compliance with school rules.  Parents can volunteer for as many dates as possible in their schedule.  If this requirement is impossible, we understand and hope other opportunities will be available to families.

Sign-up schedules are available by clicking on the link:

The head teacher will be contacting all parents to help in arranging this volunteer service.  Families can share their commitment with other families who have flexible schedules or fulfill the responsibility with extended family.

Benefits of Parental Volunteerism

This 5-hour parental volunteer service has so many benefits. Students with involved parents are more likely to have higher grades and academic goals, fewer behavioral struggles, and better attendance. The children enjoy pride and shared knowledge of the school environment, valued friendships, and important policies.

In addition to student benefits, schools with strong parental volunteerism enjoy less teacher stress, increased reputation in the community, better parental understanding and support for students and families facing struggles.

Thank-you for your support to St. Luke’s School!  We are blessed with amazing staff, students, and families!


Lynnette Powers

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